These are unofficial round-by-round results as posted by Robert Carter outside the stats area. (Thanks Robert for letting me copy them from you!)

Also, check out some pictures and video from National Finals.

Championship/Challenger Results

Championship is the teams that took first-place at Regionals, and the advancing teams from Monday. Challenger is the twenty remaining teams from Monday.

Bothell won the Championship playoff for 2nd place, and Lafayette won the Challenger playoff for 1st place.

If you're interested, you can also figure out who your team is playing. Look up your team's number, and then use the schedule.

Monday Prelims

Prelims are where teams compete to be split into Championship and Challenger divisions for the rest of the week. Will be finished by Monday night.

This year there was a three-, four-, and even a five-way tie in different groups, leading to several playoff games.

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