Nationals 2006 (archive)

Piping the best of Bible Quiz National Finals in Lexington, KY out to the rest of the world.

Maybe you're looking for results?

Saturday, July 8

Equipment and Summary

This week I gave away free Internet using a D-Link wireless AP, took pictures using a Sony DSC-P10 camera, and grabbed video with a Sony DCR-TRV18 camera. Finally, most processing used an HP 1.8GHz laptop. (Also, thanks to Jimmy Sedam for letting me use his Gateway 1.5GHz laptop to help speed up encoding.)

Over the past few days, I've used about 9 hours of 100% CPU to encode all of the video you see below. For web hosting, I used DreamHost. For managing pictures, I used Picasa from Google.

Friday, July 7

Awards Banquet

Well, I couldn't stream the awards banquet live, but here's the next best thing. You can watch most of the evening archived on streaming video below.

Thursday, July 6

Thursday Fellowship

Just like in Palm Springs, the quizzers raced to fill in a facts sheet to win cool stuff. Later, we had a great concert with Josh Bates, a contemporary Christian artist from Kentucky.

Quoting Bee, Dramatized Quoting

This afternoon we had the Quoting Bee and Individual Tournament. We had the final rounds of each in a large room, including the seven dramatized quoting finalists.

Wednesday, July 5

Schedules and Results

I'm officiating for the rest of the week, so it's hard to jump out and upload stats. But, I should get them updated each day around 2PM EDT and 6PM EDT.

New Pictures

It's been awhile since I posted pictures, so here's a new bunch. That nice sunset was made using Photomatix. There are a lot of people playing CatchPhrase this year!

Monday, July 3

Three-, Four-, and Five-way Ties!

After all of official preliminary rounds today, three divisions had several ties leading to several playoff games. Finished and results uploaded.

Quiz Rooms and Lanyards

About half of the quiz rooms are actually hotel rooms without furniture, but the rest are large conference rooms. Also, jump into the National Finals spirit by making a lanyard of your very own. Print it out and show it to all your friends as proof of just how cool you are! :)

Sunday, July 2

Nationals Program

Just got my hands on a National's program, and it looks pretty sweet. It's always full of information, so I've grabbed the cover and list of seniors:

Morning Service

During the morning service, we had the Senior Shootout, which placed all 37 senior quizzers in simultanous competition to win money for college. (They rigged together one huge quiz set.)

Alumni Breakfast

Went to the alumni breakfast, where four people (including Steve Fowler and Bryan Turner) rapped out a song about donating to Bible Quiz. Get a load of the bling, like the alarm clock!

Saturday, July 1

Arrived at the hotel around 1PM via free shuttle from airport. Several teams showed up later Saturday afternoon/night. Found free wireless AP at Holiday Inn down the road.

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