Piping the best of Bible Quiz National Finals in Tucson, Arizona out to the rest of the world. There's also an archive from last year.

Saturday, July 14

Starting to drive home today. This week I posted over 1GB of video online, and gave away free Internet to the entire floor of our hotel wing.

Friday, July 13

Tonight was the final awards banquet, and several videos are available below.

Thursday, July 12

Tonight we headed out to Old Tucson for the Thursday night fellowship. Good food, and a nice show put on by some actors we know, like Steve Fowler, lol.

Several other activities were held Thursday afternoon, including the individual tournament, quoting bee, and dramatized quoting finals. Videos of most are posted below.

All round-robin results posted. Briargate is National Champion after playoff round. Awesome playoff round, will post all video later.

Wednesday, July 11

With all of the new Application Questions announced, I went through and created a breakpoint list for studying later this year.

Also, some more grabs from rules and the new team schedules this year:

Tuesday, July 10

Quizzing for the rest of the week started today based on team placements from Monday.

Several very interesting announcements during the service this morning. Instead of Luke, the rotation is being changed to the book of Mark. There are also going to be two questions per league match called "Application Questions." (Sample questions posted below.)

Also, we know that Nationals for the next two years will continue being at resorts. Next year, we will be at a resort that only has suites. (Start Googling folks, lol!)

Monday, July 9

Just started uploading the round updates from Monday quizzing.

Sunday, July 8

Plenty of stuff going on today. This morning I already grabbed some pictures around the quiz rooms, and from the alumni banquet. No rapping this year, sadly, lol.

In the service this morning they announced the Thursday night fellowship will be a trip to Old Tucson, an old movie set near town. Rumor has it they'll also be filming a movie starring Steve Fowler and Kent Kloefkorn and selected quizzers.

Team Dramatized Quoting

Tonight they had the brand new team dramatized quoting, building on the success of last year's individual dramatized quoting. I grabbed all nine of the teams, and you can watch them all below:

Sunday Sermon

An excellent message talking about Saul's transformation, and what we can learn from his story.

Download this video (use VideoLAN Player to watch)

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Saturday, July 7

I drove into town Saturday afternoon, and walked around the hotel. The resort is a large place right up against the foot of mountains in northern Tucson.

On Sunday afternoon I'll play with getting a live video feed working. Be sure to come back and check it out--I want to make sure it will handle the load for Thursday and Friday night.

Monday, July 2

I'm heading down to National Finals again this year, and back with more equipment then ever. We should be able to get some live video streams working, so check back here regularly.

Here's a glimpse of the equipment I'll be bringing:

Hope to see you there! If you can't make it, be sure to bookmark this page and send it to anyone interested.

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